The training I received at MTTI has been invaluable. My “toolbox” is full of so many tools that I can’t go wrong. It has been so encouraging at my new job. There are other therapists who have been there for years and I am able to explain things to them that they hadn’t been trained on. My confidence is sky high. I am loving what I do every day I get to do it. You guys rock. Thank you everybody at MTTI. You helped me get to my dream, the career I was made to do.
— Lauren Machuga, MTTI Graduate
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Graduate Workforce Ready

MTTI is committed to graduating students who are workforce ready.

  1. Our medical massage curriculum is a broad and flexible education. MTTI graduates can work in spas and resorts, health care and sports environments.

  2. Students graduate confident and skilled after completing assessment, treatment, and charting on 120 clients in the real-world work environment of a Professional Massage Clinic.

  3. Graduates are ready to market themselves and apply for jobs. As part of the curriculum, students create a business plan with budget, resume and marketing materials, and get a business license.

  4. A diploma from MTTI can be used to apply for a massage license in most states.


MTTI has been growing health care professionals since 1999. Our experience and reputation in the community and across the country has solidified relationships with employers who provide our students with many job placement opportunities after graduation.

MTTI continues to be a leader in graduating massage therapists who are workforce ready and trained for massage jobs across all markets, as well as promoting the profession and employment of Licensed Massage Therapists in our community.

Affordable Tuition

MTTI is committed to providing educational excellence at the most affordable price possible. Our tuition is competitively and transparently priced with no hidden fees.

MTTI’s program offers 750 hours of instruction for the same price that many other schools offer nation-wide with far fewer hours, qualifying our students to work in most states.

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Payment Plans & Tuition Assistance Programs

Speak with our Admissions staff for information about MTTI’s payment plan.

Tuition assistance is available for students who qualify through the Veterans Administration (GI Benefit or MYCAA for military spouses), Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act through the Department of Labor, as well as education loans from your hometown bank.

Medical Massage Program

Medical massage is the usage of massage to treat a medical condition. MTTI views the student as a true health care professional, and our program is rigorous and medically-based. A medical massage program prepares students to work not only in spas and resorts, and with people with all kinds of physical issues, but also prepares students to treat injuries or medical conditions. This allows graduates to work in the health care industry, such as in hospitals, with chiropractors or physical therapists, with athletes or trainers, and more. MTTI’s massage program qualifies students to work in most states and over 40 countries.

Hands-On Experience

Because of the wide variety of exposure to different styles of massage, and to real-world job experiences, students graduate from MTTI’s Medical Massage Program confident and prepared to step into a career as a professional massage therapist.

MTTI’s Clinical Residency Internship Class takes place in MTTI’s Professional Massage Clinic, where MTTI student therapists massage clients along with Licensed Massage Therapists.  Our students graduate confident in their experience and abilities to meet the individual needs their clients may have and trained for a wide variety of job opportunities.

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Passionate Instructors

Our Instructors are experienced, passionate, and caring people with thriving practices and many years of experience in the massage and the natural health field.

At MTTI, students are able to grow and learn from a diverse group of teachers who prepare them to confidently work in many different professional environments. Our Instructors support and encourage students to discover their own unique interests and specialties.

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Modern Teaching Materials

At MTTI, your education will take place in a comfortable classroom environment with modern school materials, equipment, and presentation methods.

Our classroom utilizes a big-screen television, whiteboard, a variety of muscle and anatomy programs, a large video and print reference library, and life-size human anatomy skeletons and forms to help our students to acquire the concepts taught in massage school. We are continually improving our resources to provide the best instructional tools for our students.

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Vibrant Location

Amid the stark Southwestern landscape of the Chihuahuan desert, Las Cruces, New Mexico, is a city rich in history, the arts, and scenic beauty. MTTI is located in historic downtown Las Cruces, a vibrant area surrounded by restaurants, shops, museums, nightlife, parks, and more. 

Our school location is also at the center of a thriving natural health and wellness community, allowing students to connect, learn, and grow from other natural health practitioners in the area. With 320 days of sunshine every year, there are limitless possibilities for outdoor activities and adventures in and around Las Cruces.