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Classes Available Year Round

  • Continuing Education classes provided by MTTI Instructors but not associated with MTTI can be viewed on the ABW at Living Tree website, or by calling MTTI at 575-523-6811.

  • Any class taught at MTTI is available for continuing education credit hours. See the MTTI curriculum on this web site for specific classes. Call MTTI at 575-523-6811, for specific dates and times of classes and cost. Reference MTTI’s Facebook page for upcoming Continuing Education Classes offered by instructors or call MTTI for the schedule.

Examples of classes available include:

Functional Assessment - 20 hours available

Orthopedic Massage Therapy - 15 hours available

Structural Analysis - 15 hours available

Muscle Energy Techniques - 5 hours available

Positional Release Techniques - 15 hours available

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - 30 hours available

Myofascial Release - 30 hours available

Pharmacology - 5 hours available

Asian Medicine - 10 hours available

Hydrotherapy - Stone Massage - 10 hours available