Timothy GaySchool President

LMT # 4437,  RMTI #S-0333. Timothy graduated from Massage Therapy Training Institute in June 2003. He was hired by MTTI as the school administrator shortly thereafter. Timothy has worked with the New Mexico Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association as their AMTA-NM 3rd vice president, national delegate, web builder, and chair of the education committee. He helped MTTI become accredited and was instrumental in bringing the federal financial aid program to the school. Timothy purchased MTTI in May of 2007. In the past he worked for the BNSF railroad as a conductor and built houses with adobe and rammed earth, specializing in sculpted adobe Rumford fireplaces. Also, he was lucky enough to have been a stay-at-home dad raising his daughter. Timothy’s passions are music, mountain bike riding with friends and a living museum named the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad in Chama, New Mexico, where he worked as a steam locomotive fireman and mechanic. Timothy’s goal is to be of service to the massage community and make new friends along the way. Timothy is the president of  MTTI, teaches hands-on modalities, and supervises the clinic.


Dr. Kamy Shaw, Anatomy and Physiology Instructor

LMT #6868, RMTI #S-0498. Kamy is an MTTI 2010 graduate. She is Nationally Certified by NCBTMB and is in private practice as A Beginning Within Massage, and Art of Birth & Wellness in Las Cruces NM. She uses multiple modalities in her practice and is working towards her Massage Therapy Instructors license. She is a global midwife and holistic healer of 30 years. She holds a Masters in midwifery and theology, bachelors in business and marketing as well as psychology, and a PhD in spiritual Healing. She is a CPR and First Aid instructor, Global and National Midwifery preceptor and the founder of a global online midwifery college, Reiki Master, Unitarian Minister and spiritual leader. She is also the founder of LivingTree Community Wellness Center, a nonprofit 501c3 organization supporting health and wellness through massage, midwifery, education, counseling and holistic care to the local community, and GLBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender, queer and questioning) folks. She and her partner sponsored and helped to establish the first GLBTQ resource center in New Mexico and continue to support that effort. She is a Global, National and local speaker on midwifery, women’s health and GLBTQ issues. She considers herself a tree hugging, local solutions, composting, organic gardening, and recycling, animal rescuer peace activist. She incorporates all her education and skills to provide holistic care and education and believes massage should be a part of most if not all physical and mental health care plans.


Melissa McKenzy, Instructor

LMT#8894. Melissa has passion and drive in the health field and pain relief/management. She studied Athletic Training in high school and into college at NMSU. She graduated from NMSU in 2003 with a degree  in Kinesiology and a minor in coaching.

Melissa’s feels that her knowledge of Sports Medicine, biomechanics, physics, and love of human anatomy and physiology help her to understand movement and possible causes of limitations in movement. Since graduation from NMSU, Melissa continued her education, taking classes in Ortho Bionomy and becoming a Reiki Master before attending MTTI where she graduated in 2017.

Melissa has her own practice, Intuitive Touch Massage Therapy and Bodywork, where she works to utilizes not only what she learned from MTTI, but what she learned in high school as a student Athletic Trainer and in other classes to help clients find relief from pain. Melissa has a love for learning and expanding her knowledge, she believes life is a constant opportunity to learn.


Mahonri A. Telles, Instructor

LMT 8433, RMTI S-0598. I am currently an instructor at Massage Therapy Training Institute. I have been a Massage therapist for 5 years, and instructor for over 2 years .  Certified to teach Medical billing, Prenatal and Infant Massage, Mayo-fasical, Trigger point, Isolated assisted stretching, Positional Release, Rock Tape, Reflexology, Structural and Core Analysis, and Cross fiber friction.  I bring into my private practice and teaching a strong background in Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology and Biology. The passion I have for learning and passing on knowledge is what I believe makes me a good instructor. I enjoy the outdoors and all that has to offer.


Carol Sullivan, Massage Instructor

LMT # 8614. Carol graduated with MTTI and right away knew that she wanted to be involved with teaching.  Immediately got involved with being a Teacher’s Assistant and then continued to getting her Teaching Certification. She  is passionate about self-care and believes massage therapy is a powerful way to connect with one of the many love languages, physical touch. She enjoys listening to the body’s ever changing needs, often times creating new techniques on the spot. Her Love of helping others has lead her to her love in Teaching.