Advanced Sports Massage Certification 

Now that you are a Licensed Massage Therapist, have you thought about specializing in a particular area of bodywork? Does working with athletes at the amateur or professional level capture your attention? Are you interested it assisting athletes in reaching their potential while considering their safety? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, MTTI’s Advanced Sports Massage Certification program is for you.

This 12-week, one of a kind, comprehensive 250 hour program offers 150 hours of in-the-field, hands-on experience in an active Sports clinic at the New Mexico State University Athletic training facility.

100 hours of this certification program offers in-class didactic instruction in the following areas:

  • Defining Sports massage and its applications

  • Being a muscle specialist

  • Following the “Whole-athlete” approach

  • Working as part of a Team of other professionals to maximize the health and wellness of each athlete

  • Drug awareness/pharmacology for common injuries

  • Cold/heat treatments

  • Posture/Gait assessment

  • Active Isolated Stretching

  • Orthopedic massage applications

  • Muscle Energy techniques

  • Neuromuscular therapy for muscle-specific complaints

  • Education and Maintenance plans for the athletes

  • Selection of treatment approaches

  • Common Sports injuries

  • Business of Sports massage marketing


The remaining 150 hours of this certification program offers in-the-field experience in an active Sports clinic at the New Mexico State University Athletic training facility, and is divided into three stages of care:

  1. Basic (40 hours)—Introductions to the setting, Intakes/Assessment, SOAP notes working as part of a team of professionals including trainers and coaches

  2. Intermediate (60 hours)—Continued care/care plans/when to make referrals

  3. Advanced (50 hours)—Care plan reviewed and adjusted, follow-ups, maintenance and education of athletes for long-term wellness strategies


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Massage is the primary focus of the Sports massage specialist. As a specialist, you will share the coaches’ and trainers’ goal—to increase performance potential. You will help athletes stay in top physical and psychological condition, prepare for competition, recover from strenuous activity, and keep a positive outlook.

If any of the above appeals to you or you have any questions, please contact the Massage Therapy Training Institute.