When I became a massage therapist it changed my life in many significant ways for the better. I felt I could help people and that would change their lives in a significant way too.

It helped me see the positive connections we all have with everyone around us each and every day. Now I love to come to work because as the President of MTTI I can touch many more people at once by sending out highly skilled therapists into the world at large.

At MTTI we know from our own experience that you too can touch people in significant ways for the better and in doing so it will enrich your life like nothing else. You to can go to work each day knowing that the world, your community, and your family, will be a better place for it. Thanks for exploring what massage school is like and what your life could be like as a massage therapist.

-Timothy Gay, School President, Massage Therapy Training Institute




Massage Therapy Training Institute is a NM Registered Massage School medical massage therapy school located in the beautiful Chihuahuan desert of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Our 6 month and 1 year programs meet the requirements for licensure in most states.

MTTI students come from all over New Mexico and West Texas, such as Alamogordo, Ruidoso, Deming, Silver City, Truth or Consequences, NM, and El Paso, TX. As a nationally recognized massage program, students from across the country have chosen MTTI for their massage education.

MTTI’s supportive, nurturing environment draws people who want to improve their lives. Our students experience a profound personal transformation, and leave our program with a life long career helping others.

MTTI has the reputation and curriculum to offer graduates an advantage in this competitive world. Our medical massage program prepares students with a broad knowledge of massage techniques and the hands-on experiences with a diverse population to become confident and skilled health care professionals.

You can learn life-changing skills in a school that is committed to training heart-centered therapists.


MTTI was founded in 1999 by Laun C. Smith. The school was purchased by his son Timothy Gay in May 2007. MTTI is proud to have assisted many students in becoming licensed massage therapy professionals.  Our students have taken their place in different parts of the country as skilled practitioners helping to improve the well being of others through the healing touch of therapeutic massage.



The mission of MTTI is to prepare its students for entry-level positions in the allied health occupation of Massage Therapy in a short time while providing quality education and flexibility to accommodate individual needs.


In Support of Its Mission, MTTI’s Objectives Are:

  • To provide its students with a program which includes not only the courses mandated by the New Mexico Massage Therapy Board, but a variety of elective courses designed to provide students with the broad range of skills needed in today’s marketplace

  • To provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to pass all required state and national licensing examinations

  • To provide flexible scheduling to accommodate the diverse needs of students by offering morning, evening, full and half time classes

  • To provide all of the foregoing in a supportive, nurturing environment that encourages learning